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 yachts and sailboats are not all same, so different solutions for tenders/dingys are needed

    world lightest jetTENDER 250 STANDARD compared with world lowest jetTENDER 250X SLIMLINE

jetTENDER 250X SLIMLINE - only 46 cm high

- dropstich tube is not in contact with water for better efficiency

- hull is wider on waterline for better stability and efficiency

- tube is flat and not slippery for easy access from main boat and comfortable for seating

- tube is all around boat, so act as bumper even on rear side

- much more space inside with similar outside dimension

- bigger front seat and storage ( no separate storage on back ) 

- slightly heavier and wider (only when deflated) than standard version. Inflated is in fact a little narrower.

- made with same top, no compromise, quality and attention to details

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