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​Idea is to make really light and practical jet tender boat. Why? Because, strangely?, there is no such product on the  market. All available Jet tenders are simply to big, to heavy - more than 290 kg, unpractical and expensive. Our goal is to make Jet tender which will be possible to handle on smaller yachts and sailboards which do not have lifting equipment, where storage have limited space or transom platform is not suitable for big and heavy boats. We believe that​​ there is no need for strong engine. Big engine is heavy, uneconomical, require to much space and in fact you can not exploit all power. Thanks to small engine and joystick steering we could remove bulky steering console. Our concept have more inside space for passengers and cargo than much bigger boats. We managed to incorporate two covered storages and one on aft side is very big. Slim line design without any element which protrude allow that our JetTENDER can be placed in front of sailboat mast or in tight storage.

We made our goal ( and much more ) Our JetTENDER is lightest jet powered tender boat - 96 kg, with small outside dimensions - 2,5 meter  ( but with plenty space for 4 or more passengers and cargo) ,with large payload and is reasonable fast. Without  compromise regarding quality and finally appearance we managed to keep all cost  reasonable, therefore we can offer lowest priced Jet tender boat.

We did made 12 different hulls during development. Hull must be perfect.

There is no way that we will just instal stronger engine like other manufacturers.​


The first attempt. Can (barely) go to plane speed, but will not turn??

Better, but far from good. Maybe when we add tubes?



JETTENDER 250 is recognised as "most innovative"& "most interesting" product of the fair


Looks strange, but in fact this is first step in right direction​

​​Time for custom made tubes

​​Testing,tweaking, more testing

​​Final testing with interior almost completed. Independent expert is satisfied​

Jettender Zagreb Nautika 2019
Nautika 2019 Jettender

nautika 2019

29. Zagrebački sajam nautike

palma de mallorca jettender.jpg
palma de mallorca jettender1.jpg


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