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- Weltleichteste

- klein draußen

- innen groß

- wendig

- flink

- praktisch und wirtschaftlich

- einfach und zuverlässig

- Mit Grund anders

- handgefertigt in der EU

- einzigartiges Design geschützt

jetTENDER 250X SLIMLINE - only 46 cm high

- dropstich tube is not in contact with water for better efficiency

- hull is wider on waterline for better stability and efficiency

- tube is flat and not slippery for easy access from main boat and comfortable for seating

- tube is all around boat, so act as bumper even on rear side

- much more space inside with similar outside dimension

- bigger front seat and storage ( no separate storage on back ) 

- slightly heavier and wider (only when deflated) than standard version. Inflated is in fact a little narrower.

- made with same top, no compromise, quality and attention to details

jet power fishing boat jettender
Micro skif fishing_edited.jpg

MICRO jetSKIFF - 285 x 150 cm,160 kg 

made originally as practical , small and light fishing boat, but thanks to excellent performance with 15 HP engine with jet drive and incredible stability can be used for other applications where small boat with big inside space is needed. Speed with two persons is just little slower ( 34 km/h ) than with one person ( 38 km/h )

small jet power boat
small jet inboard fishig boat
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